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Poesis Orbis

What Are You Looking For?

My Weblog This is where I write down all my diabolic thoughts. Unless you are genuinely interested in my life and the inner workings of my mind, you will probably not find much of interest here, except maybe the links I have to certain outside pages.

Pictures of Italy
When I was in Italy with the Latin classes over Spring Break 2004, I took about 11 roles of pictures. I have never wanted a digital camera more. These are roughly 50 of the pictures with brief explanations of them.

Pictures of My Cats
Discover the wonderous world of kittenhood and cathood as you join my feline loves on this photographic journey.

An Explanation of My Page's Title
A lot of people have been asking me what "poesis orbis" means. If you're a Latin Geek, find out here! (though if you are a true Latin Geek, you would know this already.)