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Gordianus and Bethesda

On my birthday last year we got two kittens. After spending the whole evening deciding which we wanted (the litter was of five; we could only take two), we went home with two beauties. I named them Gordianus and Bethesda, after characters in books by Steven Saylor. Gordy, the white one, was oroginally very sick, and needed nursing, but now he's great. Thes, the tux, was always a healthy one. Both Gordy and Thes are very unique looking kitties: Both of them have these smudges on their faces, but they are opposite sides. Thes also has a white tip on her otherwise black tail.

Trash Pickers
Gordy (right) and Thes (left) exploring their new home. It's amazing how small they used to be!

Gordy sitting atop one of our cabinets.

I really didn't make her pose for this. She did it of her own volition, though why someone would choose to be that close to I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is beyond me.

Follow the Leader
The childhood classic is popular with cats, too.