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Poesis Orbis

So, uh, What's It Mean??

poesis -is, acc. -in, f. poetry: Cic., Hor.

orbis -is, m. a circle, ring, disk, anything round.
LIT., torquere in orbem, Cic.; of troops: in orbem consistere, Caes.; of the heavens: orbeis signifer, the Zodiac, Cic.; lacteus, the Milky Way, Cic.; of a star, orbit: Verg.; of a shield or wheel: Verg.; of the eye: Lucr., Verg.; of a serpent, coils: immensis orbibus angues incumbunt pelago, Verg.; Lucr. Esp.: orbis terrae, orbis terrarum, the circle of the world, the world, Cic., Verg., Liv.; hence, country, land: Eous, the East, Ov.; meton., mankind:orbis terrae iudicio ac testimonio comprabari, Cic..
TRANSF., (1) rotation, round: Cic., L., Liv. (2) of style, rounding off, roundness: verborum, Cic.

Cassell's Latin Dictionary
D.P. Simpson, M.A.
Macmillan Publishing Co.
New York, NY
copyright 1959

Because I expect all of you to be sensible enough to take Latin, I won't give you any more clues.